Opening Hours

9:00~18:00 火曜日定休日


 I would like to counsel you about your health condition when you visit the salon. I will give you a menu and a price after we take a counseling session. Please ask any questions you have about the treatment menu.

Analyzing posture(SHISEI KARTE)

  Using the AI posture analyzer app, I highly recommend you have your posture analyzed. Are you concerned about your posture or the alignment of your pelvis? I will take photos of your posture before and after your lymphatic treatment, so that you can see what parts of your body need attention. With the data, I will give you some advice on what kind of stretch you should do. Each customer is interested in their own posture and data. The data will be sent to you by email and you will have seven days to review it.

The price for twice is 1,100 yen. (Before and after the treatment)

Lymphatic treatment

  After counseling, I always consider your own menu as to how I can treat your body pains. Your treatment will last about forty minutes. There is no need to change your clothes for this treatment, just wear your own clothes.  If there are clogged lymphs, you’ll feel a pain when I push that area. That’s one of the characteristics of my lymphatic treatment.

Lymphatic treatments cost 6,600 yen for about 40 minutes.

Plasma treatment

For 30 minutes, plasma pads will be placed along your back bone and on your knees to rest your hands. Most of the customers don’t feel anything including pains or tingles. Plasma treatment doesn’t have any side effects. The pads can be placed on inflamed areas of your body like muscle pains or joint pains to alleviate the pain.

30-minute Plasma treatment costs 6,600 yen.

Plasma Water

You receive Plasmas treatment at the salon to boost your energy level and boost your immune system. It is highly recommended that you drink Plasma Water as part of your treatment to maintain good conditions. One liter of Plasma Water should be consumed from seven to ten days.

1L Plasma Water bottle costs 4,400 yen.