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My customer sent me a comment about the treatments.

This is the translation.

When I was suffering from severe pain in my shoulders, back, and knees, I found out about the Plasma treatment and the lymphatic treatment.

Then I decided to visit the salon.

Because this was my first visit, I had a counseling session and the owner explained what the Lymphatic treatment and the Plasma treatment will be like.

My posture was analyzed by the AI posture analytic app prior to the lymphatic treatment. It was very clear and easy for me to understand what kind of problems I needed to work on.

I felt my entire body becoming warmer as I received the lymphatic treatment.

As a result, my posture has changed.

Then, I sat on the comfortable sofa for 30 minutes to receive the Plasma treatment.

Some pads were placed on the parts of my body that were in pain.

It is important to take the treatment regularly to see the results, and I am looking forward to it.

It was a private salon and the owner was very kind, so I was able to relax very much.

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